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My summer vacation officially started this week since I was taking summer school.

So far, I haven't done anything productive, but that's the way it should be, shouldn't it 8D?


Well, I don't really have too much to say, it's just that that previous entry was so out of date.


kbye ( '-' )/.
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Because I havent updated in months!

Wow, it's hard to believe that this time last week, I was on my way to Fanime, felt like it was just yesterday! But was one week ago :(. So much fun, that weekend was! Time flies.
I wanted to get a table this year too, but that didnt work out *__*;;. I'll try for next year, but seems so intimidating, so many awesome artists! ;o;!!

I need to stop procrastinating!

Ughhh. Still need to figure out my classes for next quarter. So lame. I don't know what I'm doing with myself..8D.

The end of the school year is peeking it's head out once again, staring at me, whispering the haunting tales of midterms and finals....:faint:
Thus goes the first year of college. Then I'll have one week of freedom, then summer school! Moving into apartment soon. Ah, growing up..feels kinda depressing :/.
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..because this journal entry isn't too exciting.

Soooo, having been submitting anything recently, been uber busy and crazy (due to lack of sleep) because of good ol' schoolin'.

But! Have no fear! Updates coming sooooooooooooooooooon, as soon as I'm not feeling so lazy to submit and stuff like that D:.

Well this quarter, I've been taking an  Art class, so I can submit a couple of those thingies, and I have other thingies too, such as some thingies I made for some of my February-born friends :slow:

Anddd yeah, stay tuned, because it will make me happy, unlike homework.

Thanks for all the favs and pageviews while I've been inactivee (well, I'm still very active, since I log on everyday, and fav stuff, and comment and yah, just not submitting) :heart:.


HANA YORI DANGO rawks. ;_;
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*Might as well update journal, today of all days at least XD*

So, 2006 is coming to a close--and what a year it has been!
Graduation, starting college, among other things .

Let's make 2007 a good one--a brighter, happier, shinier, sparklier, clearer, calmer, lovilier, sweeter, yummier, funner, work-harder, try-harder, more colorful, triumphant, and overall good year!  D:<

YEAH! Yeah! yah!



and HAPPY NEW YEARS tomorrow!

..damn, I don't want to go back to school
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The next two weeks are going to suck mucho.
This week is going to be hectic, big research paper and project due on Tuesday (hahaha...barely have anything right now.. 8D, srsly) big English paper due (need to edit it lots), Calculus quiz (really need to pass that sucker...>< ), part one of Mandarin final (oral O_O), and other little brain suckers in between.

Then the week after that, is FINALS! *starts digging grave*

So, therefore, not very exciting, just lots of brain hurting and no sleeping. That's always an interesting time *5 minutes later* NOT!

But THEN, oh ho ho ho, THEN! It shall be glorious winter break where the bells of freedom with ring again!

I should have time to submit some new stuff by then, finally.. haven't been drawing much at all except doodles on my lecture notes T_T.

Well, that's all, back to homeworrrrrrrk. 8D

*laughs hysterically*
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Today, let's be glad we are not turkeys!

Anywhos, just want to give a quick but heartfelt thanks to all my friends, watchers, favers, commenters, visiters, awesome artists, etc! :hug: :heart:

Contrary to the title of this entry, nothing is really funny :|.

I just haven't updated in a whiles, so yah!

Been very very busy with college and all, you know..buried under a literal pile of work.
And you know..sleep deprivation..and you know, college sucking up all your money and time and energy, you know how it goes 8D. And of course much much more 8D.

Haven't had much time to draw lately, but I still lurk :evillaugh:.
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Tomorrow is move in day. I be moving into dorm and goings to collegey and stuff.  Yah.

This time next week I'll already be moved in O_O. Less than a week to go at home, and in the Bay Area, I'm going to miss it :heart:! School is starting on the 28th, I'm not ready at all 8D. But even before that, I haven't started packing yet, lawl.

Well, I'll be a little over an hour away from home by car- but its quite the expensive commute to come back for teh poor college student, we'll see, we'll see.

I'll probably check DA everyday if I get the chance, but I don't know how much I'll actually be posting XD. Maybe some snazzy photography or pictures of doodles :P.

Well, that is that then :>

*tries to revive summer vacation*
Apparently the glitchy thing I was talking about earlier is fixed now! Guess DA was just being weird.

Its already September?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (the laws of time, you idiot! D:< )
I'm gonna be moving in on the 23rd, amount of preparation done: 0% :lmao:

So many people are already in school, while I'm just sitting back here, being realllly lazy, hehehehahahah! But, I feel really guilty about it, so there D:<!
I've been updating that recently, just for the heck of it, I don't think anyone's ever visited ever. Lol. I need to find a better way though, don't really like cafepress, kinda expensive..I only make like 1-2 dollars from each sale, and even then they take away a 5% transaction fee X_X!

Maybe I'll start doing commissions, and start selling stuff I make, yah? Would anyone even be interested? X_X;;

Oh yeah. Do you guys ever go visit I love that site though I can't really understand it since its all in Japanese, but the art there is AMAZING! Go! Browse, its crazy what people can do, with just oekaki?! My favorite "gallery" is the 9th link (on the left navigation thingie) the one after the 2 pink ones, and also the one with something something TV. Soooooo creative! Very inspiring too.

well, off I go~~
I should really...clean my room.
Is it just me, or when you go to "browse gallery" you can only see up to 24 deviations, and you cant go to the previous pages?!  Or maybe I'm overlooking some sort of link? It seems that the only way to see other deviations is to click on "popular" on someone's gallery.
yargh, maybe its a minor glitch that will be fixed soon?
Thank you so much for the 5k hits!! :hug: :glomp: :heart: !
I really truly do appreciate all of it! Every deviation few, every comment, every favorite, every watch, every visit, everything D:<!!
You guys rock my socks out of the box! :worship:

Everyone seems to be starting school real soon, eek! :omg:
I wish everyone the bestest of luck, especially those moving on to college!
Put on your fighting pose! D:<

I don't start school until the end of September (move in day Sept 25th, classes start Sept 28th)! Yes, pretty late. I better live it up!! And cram in as much summer as I can! *continues sitting*
I'll be a freshman again, eeek! I'm so not ready..but I guess I have a month to get ready for it..:faint:.?!?

Hmm, as for other stuff, I'm feel unmotivated at the moment :P, lawlz.
Because the old entry is really out of date?! : D?!

Yesh. Well I never really write too much on this thing anyways. was everyone's day?! xD
Last week of school, evAR (well high school anyways)
Can't believe it's already time to graduate..

Just got back from our senior picnic trip an hour ago.
It was at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk--so much fun! :heart:
And tomorrow...

I'll be there Friday- Sunday. Waaah. Gonna be awesome!
AP exams this week and next weeeeek! Taking AP Statistics (took that today..totally diedededed), AP English Lit on Thurs, and on 5/8..AP biology! Going to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee some more. Not ready :]. suffersuffersufferwhywhywhy

So, I havent updated journal in a while.

What goesing on with meehs now? D:

AP exams. College stuff. Senior project stuff. School stuff. Club stuff..grrr..etc etc. Hecccka need to do scholarships.

well since my last journal entry, much has happened. I managed to quit my part time job, so now..FREEDOM! But..running out of money. U_U

Also..very dead, sleepy, and unmotivated.

And..what else.
Oh yeah, college admission results. Got accepted to everything except my first choice. Lament lament.. T_T. Rejected from UC Berkeley...and after much much confusion and depression, decided to go to UC Davis. :nod:
No idea on major though 8D

Things to look forward to:
FANIME!!:heart: yes yes yes :D
Prom (not really looking forward to it, actually xD)
Graduation (half looking forward/half not..will miss everyone...and growing up..ahhh!! D: )

I guess. I should. Go. Study. and Hw..and yeah.

and OH YEAH!!
Thank you millions to everyone who voted for me on QueenofDork's contest!! Didn't expect so much!! ;_;!! :glomp: :heart: Waah! Thankyouthankyouthankyou.
Ha! My first journal entry for the year 2006 :party:
It will be a useless one. u_u

Wellllll, not much I guess. Busy with school, college stuff (really need to get going on those...>_>) and part time*sarcasim*
I really want to get a move on more drawing..but no time, even though I procrastinate..*pounds head repeatedly on table until death*

BTW, anyone here (ha, doubt many people read this journal any how) planning to go to fanime 2006? It will be oodles of fun. :stab:

Also recently got a tablet with a million trillion @&#(@&*&#^%(#&!&&@#*&% thanks to :iconstrawberrycake: :iconparagon117: :cries: :worship: :heart:
but haven't had a chance to really use it for serious CGing. u_u

Well, in short, I go crazy 'cause I want to sleeps and brains no wanting to think anymores :B
Wowzas, haven't updated this journal for quite some time!
Can you believe it's already the end of the year?! Craaazzzy. 2005 flew by fast @.@!
I hope everyone's having a happier than happy holiday, and a fantastic new year! :heart:
Let's make 2006 a good one! :)
Thank you all very very much for the 3000+ hits! >w<
I really really appreciate all of youuuu ::throws hearts and sweets at everyone::! And truly want to thank everyone for watching, commenting and faving, thank you TOT *drowns in tears*!!
I hope to make you all proud in the future, and and *sniff* I bring you better art *blows nose* ..just bear with my laziness and horrible time management.

*goes back to endless pit of homework, assignements, college applications, etc  and DOOM*
:faint: *dies*
Oh man, they said senior year is supposed to be easier, and more relaxing and laid back. They lied! LIED! SO BUSY!
Staying up so late, so little sleep, so much to do and so much ignored that should be done. Really, I just can't find all the time to do everything. There aren't enough hours in the day, I'm only one person! AHHH :faint:

Well, enough about that since it's rather depressing T_T.
Well, I really want to get going on my a bunch of new ideas,  (and stuff i need to do) but time at all ;o;..cant afford to spare anytime ;o;.

I just wanted to update my journal because I was tired of my last entry (it's been up for over a month).

So if you want to keep up with me and my current condition, it is that I am dead 8D (mentally and physically worn out! x_X)