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My previous journal is verrrry out of date, here is an update!

Pretty much, school sucks up all of my time, and when I catch a break I am mostly catching up on sleep, precious..precious, precious sleep (or mindlessly procrastinating, you know how that goes). In case I haven't mentioned it before, I'm majoring in design (visual communication to be exact!), so between all the projects and deadlines, along with taking classes for my minor, well, actually, that's pretty much it :|. I really want to upload some new things, and actually WORK on some new things, but alas, it cannot be so! Which is too bad, because I'm really tired of a lot of the stuff in my gallery, I WANT TO PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. I would post some of my design work, but some of them contain licensed fonts and stock photos and that is a big no no.

I also do a weekly comic for my school newspaper! Maybe I'll post them up some day.

HEY. GUESS WHAT. Winter break is coming up soon :heart:

But there is much to be done before then..

In the meantime, thank you for all the faves and some watches here and there ! :hug:! For serious ;_;.
I WILL WORK ON MORE THINGS TO POST (during break : ((((  )

Anyways, this entry is rather boring, so for those who actually bothered to read this…
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Finally! Time for summer vacation! Hahaha...
Just finished up summer school on Friday, now I have a little over a week before a whole new school year breaks in.

I will savior this week as much as I can! AHH! Hopefully, I can post up a few things. We'll see, we'll see. Mostly will use this time to sleep and recover my brainz 'n bodies. :nirvana:
I'm up for another round of summer session, only one day has passed, and I'm already super exhausted! Just finished 6 weeks last Friday, had the weekend as break (only 2 days, waah!), and now I'm up for another 6 weeks. Joy is me :sarcasm:.


So I'm super sorry I haven't been replying to messages, practically, at all D:. I'll get to it! I haven't deleted them..I've just been watching them accumulate as I rock back and forth cradling myself in my chair.
(Well, it's not that I have an incredible amount of messages, but a decent amount that I feel a need to reply to! But oohhh, the rocking back and forth is real, waahahahahahaha 8D)

I so tired D:.

But, once I get around to it, I'll probably have a bunch of new stuff to post up soon, from the classes I've taken (BW photography, and design-form and color). Someday.. D:

Hope all is well on your end! :salute:
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It is freakin' 108 degrees right now, holy crap on fire (ew, bad visual)


So yep, totally been busy since summer school started. From the moment I wake up, to the moment I plop down in bed, it's been work work work 8D.

Ummm, yeaaaah. Can't really think of anything too interesting to say at the moment..Uhh...*thinks of a bad joke*

Why was Tigger dirty?

Because he was playing with Pooh!

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..For one week!

Last week was very very long and ever so draining! Finals! Work! Horror to the brain and body! With that said, sorry if I haven't replied to a lot of messages, I am on it!
But that is a thing of the past now, freedom is mine once again, and I must savor it wholeheartedly before it's brutally ripped away by summer school.

This is going to be a very ...ugh-ful summer. I'm going to be taking both sessions of summer school, so all together, my summer vacation is basically 2 weeks (at least, I hope so). I also got a part-time job, so that's going to be sucking up a lot of time and energy too, oh well, no complaints, I suppose, *needs money* Q_Q.

Maybe I'll open up commissions too, and work on selling some charms and mini-plushies as well? Anyone interested? :lol: ?

I'm gonna try to major in design, so that's why I'm taking both sessions since I'm really behind on the classes (as in, I haven't taken any of them...HA! Those classes are so hard to get into, especially if you aren't a declared major! I've been trying to declare all year long! Anyways, it's a really long story, so I will spare you that.) I'll probably be uploading some of the work from those classes on to here or something, we'll see.
I'm also planning to double major in Design and Chinese, I hope it all works out..

The impending busy-ness scares me!
But for now, I shall enjoy summer while it lasts!
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Waaah, Fanime was SO MUCH FUN! The best Fanime I had in a long while!
Oh man, so many hilarious, traumatizing, squee-inducing, insane memories :faint:, haha...but I won't mention all of those here @.@ (also, my brain is pretty out of it at the moment, so I probably can't recall all that much XD)

Some highlights: Yaoi bingo (not into yaoi at all, but it was very amusing and entertaining nonetheless!) An Cafe concert (which was just pureeeeee awesomeness @_@), random running around, and of course Artist Alley!

Artist Alley was super cool (for lack of better words, lol). First time there, thank you everyone who visited and to those who bought my stuff or took one of my makeshift business cards XD!!! T_T :worship::heart: :heart:.  I think I'm gonna try for it again next year, this time I'll have more experience and know more of what I should do :stab:!!

I also got to spot a lot of people from DA, such as :icono-kei:, :iconzeiva:,  :iconbehindinfinity: :iconmerkymerx:, and probably a lot more that I'm not aware of~~!! There were also sooo many cool artists!

Oh yes, and thank you to the random person who drew me that doodle of a bunny (?) being attacked by a cheeseburger! That is going up on my wall for sure XD.

But man, I had so little sleep, and now back to the REAL world :cries:. I just left Fanime yesterday afternoon, but it already feels like ages ago D:!! And I've been so sleepy today, dozing off on the bus..falling asleep during my morning lecture..., totally worth it though :heart:

On that note, back to work!


Holy crap, I just found out about this a few hours ago:…

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Omg, I seriously can't believe Fanime is tomorrow! I've been so incredibly busy the past couple of weeks, and I'll still be incredibly busy AFTER Fanime as well (papers, FINALS!).

But aww heck, no time for that talk now! Fanime is tomorrow, I am excited (but also super stressed with hw, and I have to give a presentation in class tomorrow @_@). Oh man, I still need to make some more charms and finish some up!
I should be there later-afternoon Friday through early Monday!!

Waaah, see those of you who are going there! :heart:
Please come visit my table in Artist Alley!! I'm at table 125!!
:iconjarryplz: Totally stop by, dude, it'll totally make my day~

OK, back to work!
I've reached 12,300 pageviews, so that's pretty darn close to the 12,345 kiriban :o.

Just a reminder, because I didn't get too much of a response on the last journal, don't want it to just pass, all abandoned and forgotten, shut out in the cold! Then I'd feel pretty lame. Lamer than usual, and that means I'm going to feel prettttttttty lame and stuff.

But then! If people do forget! My laziness and busy-ness will be spared! /o/


I should get back to work now.. T_T!
Uuuuguguughhh, I'm tired of this new quarter already!
*is still waitlisted for classes and didn't get into some needed classes*


O_O;;. It's getting close!
Also, don't forget to screencap!
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I've reached 12k pageviews! :party:
As celebration, a thank you, and as an excuse to make me draw, I propose a kiriban!
A kiriban at 12,345 hits! If you hit it, please screen cap and note me or something, and then I shall draw you something prettifuls of your choosing (to my ability). :nod:


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I should update this journal, because the last one is pretty out of date..

I've been really busy with school and the like, so don't have too much time to draw these days. I'm definitely inkling to post some stuff, just ..haven't gotten around to it. I have some old stuff that I'll probably post up soon. But I really do have to get a move on it~ I officially mailed in my forms for artist alley for Fanime 2008 the other day, so..hahaha..gotta get workin' on that stuff to sell 8D. (So far, I have barely anything). But I got big'll'll all see! :salute:

Other than that, everyone please go watch this:


It's a bit long (20 minutes) but it's definitely worth your time, plus its very well made and extremely informative especially for 20 minutes!


OHYAH. Forgot to mention. Secret (not really) kiriban @ 12,345! If you get it, screen cap  it or something ~
Fufufu~ So only if you read this journal you will know of it.
Happy New Years, everyone! :heart:

Time for new beginnings and new goals and getting used to writing 2008 instead of 2007!

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2 more weeks 'til winter break!! Next 2 weeks= study study study + FINALS!
And yet, I can't focus at all right now (at least, not so much on the school work D: !!)
Bad bad bad. But no worries, I'll slap myself into focus mode!

But expect tons of updates after 2 weeks, so much your eyes will fall out, and you'll cry for mercy, but you know what I'm gonna do? I'm just gonna keep updating, and laughing at your eye-pain! Wahahah! :evillaugh: (Ok, not really, just expect more updates than usual :D)

Well, that's all :)! I hope everyone is doing well~

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*stares at the ground with puppy dog eyes, hands behind back, foot swaying on the floor*
If, know, if it wouldn't be too much trouble..if you for m-me..on each piece.. I would super appreciate it :blush: :heart:

It's kinda a contest/scholarship thing, with a $1000 grand prize. It's free to enter, so I thought I'd give it a shot, wouldn't hurt, right :D?

Thanks for looking :'D~~ :heart:
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School is keeping me busy these days, so not too much time to draw :(.
Though, I wish I felt more motivated....and focused :(
I feel like a bum :(.

Aside from things to dread (like midterms..), there are a couple of things to look forward to! For one, I just registered for Fanime this week, anyone going? :D
I'm also planning to get a table this year, so hopefully it'll all work out!
Which brings me to my next point! Anyone know a specific store or, better yet, a website where I can order like..keychains (preferably the beaded keychains) in bulk?? Or cellphone straps?? I can't find them in any local stores, and can't find a place online D:!! I want to make some for Fanime, waaaaah!

But the coolest thing of them all is YOU! Thank you guys for 10,000+ hits!!! Waaaah!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I know I'm a little late on mentioning it, but I do log on everyday and I guarantee you when I saw it nearing 10k, and then hitting 10k, I was very joyful. Thank you so much for watching, faving, commenting, lurking, etc!! It really means a lot! :hug: :heart:
I'll do a kiriban next time..when I'm not so lazy, I mean..busy.

Yesh. I should sleep. Then try to wake up early tomorrow for some massive studying.

Don't forget to change your clocks Sunday, extra hour....YES!
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I've been seeing these on my journal list too much, so I finally gave in :slow:

:| lol, I doubt I'm too interesting though.

1. Post these rules:
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

1) I always carry tissue in my pockets when I go out, or in my bag or something. I fold a few up from tissue boxes and stuff them in my pocket.  Runny nose, boogers, nosebleeds, wiping away food, etc, I'm prepared!

2) I don't like roller coasters because I always puke afterwards. Maybe I'm scared of heights too..and you know..being flipped upside down at high speeds..I think the first time I went on a roller coaster was because of peer pressure, I just sucked it up and played along, but I was actually pretty terrified :D, then I went on a couple more afterwards, then puke city!! (Well, I thought, gotta conquer your fears, right?)! Then on another visit, I sucked it up once more and went on some with my friends again, concluding with Medusa, then surely afterwards I was totally @_____@ and puked my lunch out, and remained @_@ for the rest of the day.

3) When I walk outside to my backyard, and I notice my neighbors are outside too, I try to not make eye contact with them or try hide some how XD. I don't really know why, they're really nice people, and I've talked to them before..I just feel that it's really awkward and I don't know what to say to them when that happens.

4) When I was little my sister was telling me a ghost story about a witch or something, and then she ended it with "I'm the witch/(monster thing)! >8D!!" I got scared and punched her.

5) During my childhood, I was super afraid of elevators.

6) I talk to myself sometimes, especially when I am by myself.

7) I run away from butterflies if they fly too close to me, even though I do like butterflies

8) During the Pokemon hype back in the day, I memorized all the Pokeraps (The 150 original, of course..)

I especially tag :iconicesky::iconstrawberrycake::iconkalile::iconeternalilsasami::iconqgildea::iconpink-world:
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My summer vacation officially started this week since I was taking summer school.

So far, I haven't done anything productive, but that's the way it should be, shouldn't it 8D?


Well, I don't really have too much to say, it's just that that previous entry was so out of date.


kbye ( '-' )/.
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Because I havent updated in months!

Wow, it's hard to believe that this time last week, I was on my way to Fanime, felt like it was just yesterday! But was one week ago :(. So much fun, that weekend was! Time flies.
I wanted to get a table this year too, but that didnt work out *__*;;. I'll try for next year, but seems so intimidating, so many awesome artists! ;o;!!

I need to stop procrastinating!

Ughhh. Still need to figure out my classes for next quarter. So lame. I don't know what I'm doing with myself..8D.

The end of the school year is peeking it's head out once again, staring at me, whispering the haunting tales of midterms and finals....:faint:
Thus goes the first year of college. Then I'll have one week of freedom, then summer school! Moving into apartment soon. Ah, growing up..feels kinda depressing :/.
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..because this journal entry isn't too exciting.

Soooo, having been submitting anything recently, been uber busy and crazy (due to lack of sleep) because of good ol' schoolin'.

But! Have no fear! Updates coming sooooooooooooooooooon, as soon as I'm not feeling so lazy to submit and stuff like that D:.

Well this quarter, I've been taking an  Art class, so I can submit a couple of those thingies, and I have other thingies too, such as some thingies I made for some of my February-born friends :slow:

Anddd yeah, stay tuned, because it will make me happy, unlike homework.

Thanks for all the favs and pageviews while I've been inactivee (well, I'm still very active, since I log on everyday, and fav stuff, and comment and yah, just not submitting) :heart:.


HANA YORI DANGO rawks. ;_;
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*Might as well update journal, today of all days at least XD*

So, 2006 is coming to a close--and what a year it has been!
Graduation, starting college, among other things .

Let's make 2007 a good one--a brighter, happier, shinier, sparklier, clearer, calmer, lovilier, sweeter, yummier, funner, work-harder, try-harder, more colorful, triumphant, and overall good year!  D:<

YEAH! Yeah! yah!



and HAPPY NEW YEARS tomorrow!

..damn, I don't want to go back to school
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The next two weeks are going to suck mucho.
This week is going to be hectic, big research paper and project due on Tuesday (hahaha...barely have anything right now.. 8D, srsly) big English paper due (need to edit it lots), Calculus quiz (really need to pass that sucker...>< ), part one of Mandarin final (oral O_O), and other little brain suckers in between.

Then the week after that, is FINALS! *starts digging grave*

So, therefore, not very exciting, just lots of brain hurting and no sleeping. That's always an interesting time *5 minutes later* NOT!

But THEN, oh ho ho ho, THEN! It shall be glorious winter break where the bells of freedom with ring again!

I should have time to submit some new stuff by then, finally.. haven't been drawing much at all except doodles on my lecture notes T_T.

Well, that's all, back to homeworrrrrrrk. 8D

*laughs hysterically*